Pihak berkuasa Amerika Syarikat hanya Menumpaskan lain Tunnel penyeludupan dadah yang besar di bawah US-Mexico Border

Ejen persekutuan AS telah menahan empat orang dan merampas hampir 3,000 paun ganja dalam operasi untuk payudara cincin penyeludupan dadah yang telah tunneled bawah sempadan AS-Mexico, pendakwa raya persekutuan semalam. Penyeludup membina sebuah rumah untuk menyembunyikan pintu masuk utara ke terowong 400 ela (365 meter) dalam Calexico, Pejabat Peguam AS untuk Southern California berkata. Hujung selatan terowong datang di restoran El Sarape di Mexicali, Mexico, kata pihak berkuasa.
Ia merupakan terowong pertama penyeludupan didapati di lebih daripada 10 tahun di Calexico, sebuah bandar kecil kira-kira 40,000 orang kira-kira 120 batu (193 km) timur San Diego, tetapi ke-12 yang ditemui di sepanjang sempadan Mexico dengan California sejak 2006. Selebihnya terowong yang ditemui di kawasan San Diego.
"Sempadan Mexico-Amerika Syarikat adalah seperti blok keju dengan lubang di dalamnya, dengan terowong di dalamnya," pengarang dan wartawan Ioan Grillo memberitahu Business Insider. B…

I wish She had Spent more Time Sharing Their Stories

Eileen Pollack has heard from many women from many different backgrounds because she had an article published in the NY Times, and lots of women told her they found something in her story they could relate to. That's wonderful and true, and, like I said, I wish she had spent more time sharing their stories. But we also need to realize that this sort of study is the kind that invites corroboration but not dissent. There are other stories out there. And the tone of the last part of the book admits that. But the first 2/3 of the book contradicted this.

She mentioned in the course of her memoir that one of the difficulties in being a female science major is that male students don't get crushes on their teachers, so they don't have to deal with that additional layer of complication. Ummm. That actually offends me. If it's not clear why, then maybe I'm the weirdo. But does this mean that when I'm in front of my intro classes full of primarily male engineering student…

Angie rated it from Shelves: Firstreads, Science-Related

The last third of this book was more or less what I was hoping the whole book would be. It's an overview and dicussion of the different theories as to why there is still a lack of women in some STEM fields. The author's focus is on the upper echelons of academia -- I'm afraid that the fact that I have a tenure-track physics professorship would not interest her. She is mainly concerned about Harvard and her alma mater, Yale, and she shares the elitism of her home institution. But she has heard from many women in technical fields at all levels, and she shares some of their opinions and stories with us, which is helpful. She also summarizes the arguments from a few published books on the topic.

It was the first 2/3 of the book that disappointed me. This first part of the book is a heartfelt, honest memoir of her own path to writer-dom. She grew up liking science, majored in physics at Yale, and then decided to become a writer. Nothing at all wrong with that, and it seems that …